WGS goes to Camp

So my cute, adorable blessing from God, who used to have to sleep with me every morning before he would even consider getting out of bed is at that wonderful stage where he doesn’t want to hang out with the World’s Greatest Mom (ME)!  I know for some of you it’s a hard stretch to understand why this adorable teenager doesn’t want to “hang” with his Momma.  But alas, the most recent event of this strange happening (him becoming a MANLY man), was a trip with the AFJROTC to Survival Leadership Camp.  I learned about his many adventures when he comes back home, of course…because if the World’s Greatest Mom knew about some of the things he would have been doing, I’m sure she would have even more grey hair!  Training missions, night time reconnaissance missions, water physical training and the like were all things he described in detail to me after he returned home.  Now it’s hard for me to imagine that the little boy who wouldn’t even play on the jungle gym without me would do all these things, but yet he assures me he did.  Not only that, the Colonel said everyone passed with flying colors…which of course means WGS did too!  While I’m still struggling with the whole “I don’t wanna hang out with you and pick out purses, Mom” syndrome, I am bursting with pride because my not so little guy is becoming a very independent and capable young man.

little boy1




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