WGS has MONO!!!!!

So it’s just about time for the first 9 weeks of school to be over.  I’m pretty confident in the WGS’s grades and for moving, involved in a new school system along with being in high school and all that jazz, I must say I’m extremely impressed with his progress.  Did I mention he’s taking 10th grade math?  Yep, he tested out of Algebra and is taking AP Geometry!!  He’s getting very good grades for keeping this schedule:

  • Monday – arrives at school by 6am for ROTC Drill Practice, school from 8-3 (ROTC, OK History, Spanish 1, AP English, AP Geometry & Biology), then 3-5 is physical training (PT) for ROTC Raider.
  • Tuesday – arrives at school by 6am for ROTC PT, school from 8-3, Raider PT
  • Wednesday – arrives at school by 6am for ROTC Drill, school from 8-3, Raider PT
  • Thursday – arrives at school by 6am for ROTC PT, school from 8-3, Raider PT
  • Friday – arrives at school by 6am for ROTC Drill, school from 8-3, Raider PT

What adult could keep up with all that and have a social life (he has tons of friends and invitations along with a new girlfriend) and maintain good grades?  Not this Mom for sure.

Last week was Fall Break.  We had kids in and out of our apartment all the time.  One of his ROTC buddies lives by us and they hang out alot.  Then, of course, there was the scary movie fest on Saturday where there were 8 ROTC kids in my living room (all flipping day!  I was banished to my office.  I watched a Downton Abbey marathon.)  Dad was banned to the bedroom where he watched just about every college football game he could find.  There was the occasion check on them, hand checks and all that jazz.  Come Sunday, he was irritable and moody.  By 4pm he was burning up with fever and thus it began.  He complained of a headache.  He complained of a sore throat.  That’s it.  I thought maybe he was over tired and having allergies.   I gave him Advil every 4 hours and he slept most of Monday.  I finally got him up to eat.  I’m thinking he’s tired from the long weekend.  Come Tuesday there was still a fever and he still was sleepy.  The Dad & I guessed then he had mono.  This is NOT my child.  So off to the doctors we went.  They tested for strep throat.  Negative.  They tested for mono.  Negative.  They took vials of blood.  They gave an antibiotic and said no school until Thursday.  By Thursday he was relatively cool but still tired and his cough lingered.  Thursday afternoon the doctor’s office called:  positive test results for Epstein Barr which means he’s had mono but was now on the way to recovery.  We must watch him so there is no relapse.  He’s going to hate this Momma for a bit but some of his activities must be curbed and he must go to bed earlier.  I don’t want to take any chances that this comes back full force.  One thing about my WGS, he never really “acts” sick.  This was no different.  Crabby is a teenager thing.  Sleepy is a teenager thing.  He wanted to plow right through with this fever and I said no.  He headache got him.  This was what he complained about mostly.  I’m hoping we are on the road to recovery.  Momma don’t like having a sick kiddo!!!

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