My Take on Valentine’s Day

I’m a little late, but I wanted to get this out before we move on from February…

So back a million years ago, Jason bought me a stuffed animal on Valentine’s Day.  I have it still today.  We may have exchanged a few cards over the years but typically we do not celebrate in the “normal” way most of civilization celebrates this ridiculous holiday.

Now you may wonder, why does this crazy woman feel that Valentine’s Day is ridiculous?  Doesn’t she want the chocolate, flowers, jewelry all the other crazy hormonal “normal” women want?  Well, let’s just say I’m not “normal”.  Nothing in my life is “normal”.  Everything in my life is a tad bit “different.”

So many people over the years have “pitied” me for having an “unconventional” life.  For example, Jason is the “chef” at our house.  I would rather clean than have to cook or even boil water!  He’s an amazing cook.  He’s always been the one to “take care” of things in our home.  Never me.  I would have to be out of all my clothes before I would even think of “its time to do the laundry”.  Not him…he’s on top of it all.  But that being said, we never run out of tea, sweet or unsweet…we never run out of pickles…toilet paper…etc.  He pays attention to things I never would dream of paying attention to until we were completely out.  These things…the things he does consistently, every day…mean more to me than a card or some flowers on some day that “the candy industry has created to bankrupt all of the males of the country” (his quote).  He takes care of me, our life together and generally makes life so much better for all of us.  He’s my rock and I would rather have that than a box of chocolates on a given day in February.  And with that being said…that’s my take on Valentines day.


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