Easter – blah!

What is it about Easter that annoys me so much?  The bunnies, the eggs, the pink, the baskets…the list continues.  Everything about Easter just gets on my last nerve.

Now most people would find that a person who believes in the Virgin birth, the death and the resurrection should actually like Easter.  Most people who are believers in Jesus celebrate the resurrection.  I’m supposed to rejoice in my Savior rising from the dead and while I am grateful Jesus defeated death by rising on the 3rd day, I don’t necessarily rejoice.  Some Christian I am…right?

I was born and spent the first 13 years of my life not sure about the whole church thing.  Then one night a man explained about the end times & repentance.  I accepted the salvation that Jesus’ death and yes, even His resurrection, assures me I have if only I believe.  After 20+ years as a church pianist, youth leader, Sunday School teacher and countless other duties in the church, I left “church”.  But I never left my beliefs.  

My beliefs remain in tact.  In fact, the greatest thing about this time of year is that it reminds me of “the bottom line” of my beliefs.  The bottom line of what the world views as the religious side of Easter would be the fact that the death of Jesus broke the barrier between God and man.  The earth trembled and the curtain in the temple was ripped signalling our ability to go right to God the Father through Him. THAT is what is important…that I don’t have to go through another sinful man (a priest) to be able to interact with God or Jesus – all I need is faith.  

So go ahead and buy your baskets, your eggs, your pretend plastic grass; attend your egg hunts, your sunrise services, your mass; celebrate spring with your family, friends or what not…I’ll be doing what I do every Sunday – spending time with the men I love trying to put my beliefs in action.