My Love Revolution

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to make more of an attempt to blog.  Since it’s been a year since my last entry, I’m not doing that well on this particular resolution.  But I have 8 more months to make an attempt!

Recently, and by recently I mean February, my family and I started attending theChurch at Battle Creek.  We wanted a place with a good youth program and somewhere we could be challenged to grow in our faith.  I’ve been blessed and encouraged during our time there.  After being so burned by church politics I was afraid I wouldn’t ever be happy to go to church again, but I’m loving it.

A week or so ago the state of Indiana passed the Indiana Religious Freedom Act and the world went nuts.  Now this is near and dear to my heart as I spent 28 years of my life in the Hoosier state.  Do I believe a business has the right to decide who they will serve?  Yes.  Do I believe they can discriminate against religion, sexuality, gender or race?  Absolutely not.  In fact, that should be illegal.  So when a pizza shop went on the hot seat for saying they wouldn’t make a wedding cake for a gay/lesbian couple, based upon the owners religious beliefs, I was outraged!

Didn’t Jesus tell us to not resist an evil person?  If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. Matthew 5:30
Doesn’t the Bible tell us to serve one another in love? For us, as believers, to not use our freedom to indulge the sinful flesh?  Galation 5:13
Didn’t Jesus to tell us to love your neighbor as yourself?  Luke 10:27
Doesn’t the Bible say that love covers over a multitude of sins?  1 Peter 4:8

By these verses it would seem to me that every person who believes that they are following Christ should not only embrace the people who are typically discriminated against, but show them, like only true followers of Christ can do, what it means to be loved and accepted.  For example, what would have happened if the pizza shop owners would have embraced the gay/lesbian couple (someone they felt were “evil”), and treated them as if they were any other child of the King?  Would the couple not have felt loved, accepted and important?  Isn’t that the true meaning of God’s love??  Are we not to love people into the Kingdom of God?

We began a series on Easter Sunday called the Love Revolution.  Don’t be fooled into using your freedom in Christ to indulge the sinful nature by discriminating against a certain stereotypical group of people.  Learn to love everyone the way the Jesus did.  He’s the One who has changed my view, who has taught me to love unconditionally…He is my Love Revolution!!!