I love you the same…

I have zero opinion when it comes to gay marriage.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I do not care one way or the other.  Go ahead and begin judging me.  I don’t care.  If people want to be gay or lesbian and be married, what business of it is mine?  Why in the world would I speak out about it?  Do people speak out about my marriage?  No, probably not.

The issue is that I’m a Christian and everyone expects me to have an opinion.  Oh, believe me, I have opinions coming out of my ears.  Unfortunately, I do not have an opinion about gay marriage.  You want to debate abortion, I’m your girl.  I have a million opinions on the sanctity of life.  But not gay marriage.  It’s ok.  Judge me.

The only I can say about the gay or lesbian lifestyles is that God is against it.  He doesn’t condone it.  He states marriage is with a man and a woman.  If you choose to live differently than that, then that’s all on you.  I certainly don’t love you any less.  And the most important thing, God doesn’t either.  God and I love you the same.

Now, if everyone would be so forgiving and tolerant with my sins.  I have done some horrible things in my life.  Things that would embarrass most of you, but that I have kept hidden and between me and God.  Are my sins any better than someone being gay or lesbian?  I would think not.  Sin is sin, even if it’s legal.  God died for my sins.  My white lies, my deceit, my impure thoughts, etc.  In the same way, God died for your sin.  Yet even in the same way, God died for gays and lesbians.  He died for those who murder, those who steal, those who gossip, anyone who sins, God died for them.

Whether your sin is legal, not legal or whether your sin is public or private – we are all sinners saved by grace and I love you the same!


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