Summer Time Blues

As young children we are conditioned to anticipate summer with the highest of expectations.  We get out of school, it’s nice outside, the pools are open, sweet corn is grown, fruit is in season, vacation is around the corner, etc.  But there are times during the summer most of us face a melancholy.  Perhaps the going back to work and routine after the vacation or the missing of friends and family or the knowledge that there is a long time until the next anticipated thing…either way…the summer time blues sneak in.

For me, it’s been the coming back to reality from vacation that’s caused me to be a bit more “bluey” than normal.  In June, the much anticipated trip to Indiana to see family and friends and attend the favorite niece’s graduation party happened.  I spent time with my beloved sister and my family and friends who are closer than family.  Jason was only there for the long weekend, but Jayden & I stayed the rest of the week.  Jayden and his friend, Lainey, wanted to come home a day early.  As we started talking about leaving, I felt this horrrible sadness.  We left and I was sobbing hysterically.  So much so, Jayden actually asked if I was going to be ok.

Since then, it comes and goes in waves.  Some days it’s all I can do to not be overcome with homesickness.  Other days, I’m so glad I’m not there anymore.  That I just wish some of my beloved family was here.  It’s a pendulum swinging back and forth.  One thing is for certain, had I had this close of relationships while I lived there, I would have suffered through the weather and SAD.

So in retrospect, while I may have bouts of blues and homesickness, I’m thankful I have become so close to so many of my family members even though distance separates us.  For that alone, the blues is so worth it!!!


My Inability to People

For the last few months, I’ve been having a hard time being around people.  I seem to have an issue with people who display stupid behavior or choices.  Of course, one could say that I am a bit too harsh, but there comes a time in life when one has to make the conscience choice to get rid of people who are negative, who aren’t honest, and who aren’t loyal.  The time has passed for me to be able to tolerate such things that bring me down.


So my inability to put up with such nonsense has caused me to become somewhat of an introvert.  It’s not always easy, but i rarely get ticked off at myself.  It’s not too bad…if I had my way, I could live in a house in the country, have some good Wifi, some pizza and call me good!!!