Sad or Not? The Choice is Mine

So often times in the winter I get what I call “the winter blues.”  It’s cold, wet, dreary, rainy or snowy, and who in the world wants to go out in that mess?  I’d just as soon curl up in my old sweats and a blanket and binge watch something.  I just hate everything when it’s dreary and cold. I’m not the only one who suffers from this horrible winter blues…many of us deal with feeling this way.

Luckily, for me, my family and I moved to Oklahoma almost 4 years ago because I couldn’t take the cold winters of Bristol, IN any longer.  The last winter I was there I had pneumonia for almost 3 full months.  We didn’t know if I would ever feel better.  But then spring came and the decision to move was made.  While I live in a much sunnier and mild climate, I still find myself feeling low and bluey in the winter time.

Thankfully, my joy and happiness does not come from what I feel.  It comes from what I know.  I know that my strength is in the Lord and I trust in Him.  Because of this my heart leaps for joy even when I’m not overly joyful myself.  Did you know that being happy or being joyful is a choice?  Today, in the midst of my winter bluey feelings, I choose to be joyful.

To find your joy…why don’t you say a prayer and get reacquainted with the Lord today?

“The LORD is my strength† and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.”  Psalms 28:7


my new ailments

so three weeks ago i went to the doctor for something unrelated and they did some blood work and found that i have hypothyroidism, which explains most of my symptoms that i’ve been having lately (fatigue, unable to lose weight, feeling generally “yucky”) and have began me on meds to help regulate it.  they said it would take up to a few months to get the meds regulated and when i am regulated, i would feel like a new woman and they pounds that i’ve been so desparately trying to loose (all my healthy eating has lowered my already low chlorestoral numbers) should begin to drop off!!!  on the upside, the last 3 times i’ve been at the doctors office my blood pressure has been 100/65, 80/55 & 100/65 so those are some good numbers and doc has had to reduce my blood pressure meds down to almost nothing!!!  but with this hypothyroidism, all my meds have been readjusted….my blood pressure, my anxiety…ugh….

additionally, after a whirlwind trip to New Orleans, LA (that’s another whole blog post!)…doc found out that i now have asthma!  so now i have two inhalers to have at all times along with all my other meds….

while i’m happy to be feeling better and on the road to a healthy lifestyle, getting old sucks!!!