a celebration of life

today is a day of celebration. today is a day of rejoicing. not of tears or sadness, but of joy!! today, 12 years ago my sister passed from this life to her heavenly home and while that is reason enough to celebrate, that’s not while I celebrate today. Today i celebrate her life.

Born November 10, 1956 in Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada she had a full and rich life even if hard at times. She saw most of this great nation and lived in states I could only dream of living in. She was pregnant 10 times, and had 7 wonderful children. She currently has 15 grandchildren. She had a temper. She believed in doing things…not just talking about them or considering them, but actually doing them. She taught me very valuable lessons that she lived and because of her experience I’ve never repeated.
today I celebrate her life and the little tiny bit of the legacy she left behind that I get to be apart of daily. i’m thankful for the niece she named after me and that she still lives close to me. i’m thankful for the grandchildren of hers that i get to see frequently. these are little pieces of her that i get to see, daily…that remind me of her. and for that, today, i’m thankful!!