thermo physical what?

Many people ask me what I do.  Sometimes I say I manage databases.  Sometimes I say I work for a window company.  But if the person asking me is half way intelligent I will actually try and explain what it is that I do for a living.  I work for a not for profit organization outside of Washington DC that manages the energy efficiency of doors, windows & skylights.  That’s as simple and complicated as it is.

Now I’m a smart cookie.  I can figure almost anything out but yesterday while sitting on my companies virtual meeting, I must admit to being a little brain numbed with the thought of how to calculate appropriate daylighting and how different regions and cloud cover matter.  While I did my best to follow along, I did find myself wanting to yawn a few times. 

Now I love my job.  I love data.  Black and white and absolutely no grey.  The way I thought life should be for the longest time.  But since life has turned into various shades of grey, I appreciate the black and white of data and my job gives me the chance to work with data. 

I am thankful that there is still so much for me to learn…daylighting, how translucent panels affect the visual transmittance and thermo physical something or other…one day, I’ll know what all this jazz means.  Until then I’ll stick to my data!