World’s Worst Doggie Mom

We have a dog.  Her name is Lakota.  She is a 5 lb full blooded rat terrier that we got when she was just 5 weeks old.  She was all of 2 lbs then.  Her first day with us, she jumped from a pillow to the floor (the pillow was on the floor so maybe 3″) and she yelped and cried.  If only I had known……..

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Our little puppy grew and was just the cutest thing.  She learned very quickly not to potty in the house and she was everyone’s favorite puppy.  She’s about 6 months old when one snowy night she slips and falls and breaks her left front paw.  All four of her “fingers” snapped right in half.  A trip to the animal emergency room and $500 later with a bandage and exrays we traveled back home.  She had vet appointments every week for almost 10 weeks.  She recovered and learned to love the vet.


Once we recovered from the broken paw, she flourished into a great puppy.  She still would love to go to the vet or to Granny’s and we learned never to say those words out loud unless we were actually taking her or she would go to the door and bark her little head off.

Lakota 03-13Lakota 10-12

We have moved from our home in Bristol, to my Dad’s house in Elkhart, back to our home in Bristol, to Tulsa all without incident.  We have increased our family by adding Seneca and then Cheyenne to our canine children and then gave Chey-Chey to our good friend/family, Brian Thomas and his boys.  We live in an upstairs apartment in Tulsa and she manages the steps just fine.  But take her outside in the rain, when the grass is slippery, and there are puddles in the grass and one little pull on the leash has her slipping and falling and breaking her two bones right above her wrist.  I believe the people in the next county over heard her yelping in pain.  Jason and I, being old hats at this now, find an Animal Emergency Clinic and take off.  Poor Seneca (the mother hen of the house) is flipping her lid.  We leave her with Jayden.  Once there we look at the exrays, have her splinted up and find the name of a vet who is about 3 minutes from our home who does surgeries, $300 and we are out the door.

2013-11-05 21.42.47

2013-11-06 11.36.29

The next day we see the vet and surgery is scheduled for the next day.  They plan on putting a pin in her radius and securing it so it will heal itself.  Drop her off for surgery and they keep her almost 2 full days to make sure she’s comfortable.  The vet calls and lets me know that they had a hard time putting the pin in her leg as the bone just started to crumble at the break site.  Luckily they got it in and the surgery was successful.  She has a pain patch and will be just fine.  We bring her home and she’s not allowed to walk around at all except outside to do her personal business. We tried seeing if she would stand at her doggy bowl and eat and she decided she wanted to walk around and I snapped this picture.

2013-11-08 17.53.14

We are now all on Lakota duty for the next 8 weeks.  Seneca has all but crawled in the cage with her to make sure she is ok.  Lakota has tolerated Seneca’s licking her head (Seneca’s way of showing affection) and for tonight all is well in the Padgett house.