I *may* have a problem…

I believe I was about 8 years old when a dear family friend, Johnny Lawson, had me over to her house and as I sat with this dear old lady she started something that still to this day I love…purses.  All shapes, sizes, colors, material…I LOVE them!! Every shopping experience would include a purse if I could possibly get by with it. 

Most of my friends know of my obsession; some call it an fetish.  I don’t care what it’s called…I just LOVE them!! I have Vera Bradley’s, Wal-Mart brand, Target brand, Kohl’s is also a favorite and my newest love is 31 Gifts (which include personalization).  To say I have lots of purses would be an understatement…my guess for the current purse count in my house would be close to 75 purses.  (Yes, it’s time for a friendly purse sale…anyone interested in a slightly used, sale priced purse?)

I could easily change my purse every day.  I love to “play purses”.  For those of you who do NOT know what that means, it means to either clean out or change purses.  As a young toddler, the World’s Greatest 7th Grader loved to help me “play purses” but as the World’s Greatest 7th Grader, not so much.  I can’t imagine why not! =)

Now the joy of playing purses is being passed on to my girls:  Lex, Ky & My-Anna!  They love to “play purses” with Aunt Jenny!!  What a great memory for us to share…I can pass on my love of purses just as that dear old lady, Johnny Lawson, did to me.  Did I mention that I love purses?

Now for those of you who go months and even *gasp* years without ever changing your purse…I envy you.  I could not do that if my very life depended on it.  I would be stir crazy within a few weeks…white hair and no doubt white jacketed doctors as well.  Every purse I try the goal is to be like you…to love my purse so much it will work day in and day out.  To date, I’ve not found such a purse. 

As an adult, educated and slightly intelligent, I can see that my ability to “manage” my purses (buy new ones, take care of them, etc) is my attempt to control the uncontrollable things in my life – World’s Greatest 7th Grader growing up; needing to take care of Pop (the elderly father); being World’s Greatest Aunt to my namesake and the girls – Lex, Ky & My-Anna; time passing by to fast when I’m still just 29; etc…you get the idea.  I love purses!  Cloth lined, easy access to my necessities, pockets, zippers, straps…all the important issues when selecting THE perfect purse. 

the view from my desk…with my newest love – the black purse with the hot pink “J”