WGS goes to Camp

So my cute, adorable blessing from God, who used to have to sleep with me every morning before he would even consider getting out of bed is at that wonderful stage where he doesn’t want to hang out with the World’s Greatest Mom (ME)!  I know for some of you it’s a hard stretch to understand why this adorable teenager doesn’t want to “hang” with his Momma.  But alas, the most recent event of this strange happening (him becoming a MANLY man), was a trip with the AFJROTC to Survival Leadership Camp.  I learned about his many adventures when he comes back home, of course…because if the World’s Greatest Mom knew about some of the things he would have been doing, I’m sure she would have even more grey hair!  Training missions, night time reconnaissance missions, water physical training and the like were all things he described in detail to me after he returned home.  Now it’s hard for me to imagine that the little boy who wouldn’t even play on the jungle gym without me would do all these things, but yet he assures me he did.  Not only that, the Colonel said everyone passed with flying colors…which of course means WGS did too!  While I’m still struggling with the whole “I don’t wanna hang out with you and pick out purses, Mom” syndrome, I am bursting with pride because my not so little guy is becoming a very independent and capable young man.

little boy1




teenaged boys

I remember when he was oh so little and squirmy and held onto my finger for dear life.  Now, he is taller than me and can hardly even be in the same room with me without getting mad at me.  It’s amazing what 14 years will do…LOL

Boys, I’m starting to learn, are smelly, have strange sense of humors and prefer to play video games rather than speak to others in the house.  They want to eat at odd times (I hear the door to the bedroom open at 11:30ish sometimes) and are NEVER full.  They want all the benefits of being 14 and responsible yet tend to “blank out” at the most opportune times.  They want the cash for doing their chores yet seem to always “forget” to do them.

Yet, when the same smelly, mouthy, hungry boy looks at me and laughs at a joke I made, gives me a real hug or kisses me on the cheek, there is a glimpse of the little boy who thought I hung the moon.  Those are the moments that make everything else worthwhile.


It was mid school year last year when World’s Greatest 7th Grader was chosen to be a part of an after school program called 5 Star. I didn’t know anything about it but was excited that he was getting involved in extracurricular activities at PMMS.

The first week I noticed a big change in him after going and we discussed it. He said that he was trying to do his goal which was to have a positive attitude. Another week I noticed he was trying to make amends with his friend of all of elementary school. Yet another week I noticed that he was trying to have a better relationship with his biological mom. These are all goals that he has been working on since becoming involved with 5 Star.

At the first award ceremony I noticed right away some very key points that were very familiar to me. I quickly volunteered to help out. Unfortunately work had other plans and I was only able to help out a couple weeks.

As the summer camp approached, I knew that when I sent my kiddo off, he would come back changed. As I suspected, the Summit Adventure was an amazing time for him. He did things I will never get over (climbing up a 28′ telephone pole and jumping off – trusting his friends would catch him with ropes) and learned that his relationship with God is extremely important. He’s asked me question after question and his hunger for knowledge of the Bible is amazing.

I’m so thankful for such an amazing program and more importantly, I’m thankful that God used whatever means he needed to reach out and touch WG8G.

A New Beginning







One of the ways I’m starting over in my life is moving.  Since it’s been 90+ degrees and we are moving and preparing for vacation to Holiday World, Racheal & I thought it would be good for us all (all 6 of us:  Jayden, Alexia, Kyrah, Anna, Racheal & myself) to get our hair cut.  And that’s what we did.  Anna & I have the same exact cut.  Of course, she is way more cuter than her Aunt!  Thanks Kelli – we had a blast!!

The World’s Greatest 8th Grader

So…May 31 has come and gone.  With it my kidlette received 7 awards for his academic achievements and leadership skills.  He has made the Principal’s Honor Roll again…his GPA for 7th grade was 3.71.  All I can say is – WOW…he’s a good kid!

And now…to earn high school credit, he’s on a Junior High tour of Washington DC.  The plan in the Padgett house was to go there as a family this year.  But when PMMS sent home information of a school tour, World’s Greatest Mom couldn’t pass it up as it had a full itinerary that would be hard for her to reproduce.  So…”X” amount of hundreds of dollars later, World’s Greatest 8th Grader is in DC this week.  He’s gotten to go on a live Battleship, on an actual naval destroyer (sorry I have no idea the actual lingo) and gotten to see Arlington National Cemetery today.  He’s having the time of his life…World’s Greatest Mom is home…having the longest 4 days of her life.  But what’s a little restlessness for Mom…when the World’s Greatest 8th Grader is having the time of his life?

a bonding moment…

Christmas Eve 1998 brought me the greatest gift in the world – Jayden Nicholas David.  He came along to me after 8 years of fertility and many tears.  Since then, not many times has the inability to have children ever bother me.  But tonight, out of the blue, pain and memories that I’ve not thought about in all the time came back to haunt me.  It was because of an episode of the show, “How I Met Your Mother”.  Robin finds out that she can’t have children.  Jayden begins to ask me questions, “did the doctor tell you like that?”, “did it make you sad?”, “did you cry?”, etc.  And we talked about it.  I was reminded how blessed I am to have my son in my life and how much I love him.  It was a great bonding moment and a time where I can tell him yet again how he is my walking, talking miracle from God.  Jayden means Jehovah has heard.  Yes, indeed, Jehovah surely heard my prayers.

How I Met Your Mother, 12/05/11

the 13 yrs of Christmas

Back when the World’s Greatest 7th Grader was about to be born, we were asked to adopt him on Christmas eve.  I had this great idea that for every year he was with us, I would buy him a new Christmas tree ornament with an extra one so that when he left us to start his own adult life, he would have all the ornaments of his childhood ready to go.  So this year we celebrate the 13 yrs of Christmas…

on the 13th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Batman!
on the 12th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…an ornamant from Disney (our vacation that year)
on the 11th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Mickey & Minnie (we had just booked our Disney trip)
on the 10th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Elvis…Blue Blue Blue Suede Shoes…
on the 9th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Snoopy & Woodstock
on the 8th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Elvis!
on the 7th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…R2D2
on the 6th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Snoopy for President!
on the 5th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Y-O-D-A
on the 4th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Scooby Doo!
on the 3rd yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Mike from Monsters Inc 
(don’t know why he’s holding up 4)
on the 2nd yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Bob the Tomato & Larry the Cucumber
and a Baby’s First Christmas to put on the tree.